Caravan Club


The Dorset Shed Draggers are a small friendly group that meet up together in caravans & motorhomes to enjoy the company of friends and family, meeting mainly in Dorset and the surrounding areas to socialise, and explore the countryside.

We hold a variety of events during the year, at venues that could be anything from a farmers field to a country pub or a commercial site, shows, country fairs, carnivals or just relaxing in a sunny field with the aroma of the barbecue in the air.

Come and join us if you can.  

You may apply to join from this website and you can book for forthcoming events, too.


It has always been our aim to bring families together to enjoy and appreciate the outdoor life together in a way that some clubs seem to discourage. We really do enjoy our times away from home with our friends and families and we consider our members to be “family” who enjoy exploring the countryside and socialising as families used to do.

Our “Family” has now grown and we have several three generation families that rally with us regularly, it’s wonderful to see children, parents and grandparents enjoying the simple outdoor life together, socialising and learning to appreciate and respect the countryside in a safe environment.

The idea of forming the Dorset Shed Draggers was first talked about in May 1987 and our first outing was in July the same year, since then we held many events and while applying for exemption was discussed many times, we never did apply.

When in 2012 the Dorset Shed Draggers organised an event to celebrate the Queens Jubilee, the idea of gaining exemption was talked about yet again. Finally in 2014, some 27 years later we applied for and gained Exemption Certificate No 497.

We have held many social and caravanning events over the years, we have new members and have sadly lost many of our old friends, but some of the original members are still active within our group.

We have no wish nor do we want to compete with the larger Clubs, many of our members are still actively involved with other clubs and it’s for that reason that we will publicise other groups activities that may be of interest to you

DSD just offer the opportunity to get away, when there is perhaps no rally or we as a group would prefer to go elsewhere with the friends they have made over many years.

We intend that the Dorset Shed Draggers remain a small friendly group that enjoy each other’s company, yes we have some rules but we will always try to apply them sensibly, some we can’t ignore as they are for everyone’s safety. One of the Rural England rules is that everyone must be a member to attend, hence we have to charge for membership and to cover the cost of our membership of ACCEO and pay the insurance.

If you are interested in joining our friendly group, please take a look at our Membership page.