Caravan Club

About Our Events


Fill out an online booking form as soon as possible to save disappointment and allow the organisers to plan for the numbers attending. Please include any visitors you may have attending.

Late bookings, if you haven’t booked when the event is about to start, and wish to attend please don’t try to book online, instead ring the organisers as they may well be able to accommodate you.

If you have to cancel for any reason please contact the organisers and inform them as early as possible, preferably by phone.


You will require all the usual camping equipment plus a few extras. You must have your own toilet facilities, which must never be taken near the water tap.

You will also require a few blocks of wood for levelling your van on sloping fields and a dustbin liner to take your dry waste home with you.

You will also need cash to pay the site fees etc. We have no facility at the moment to pay by any other means.


Always take a look at a good map for the site location before setting off as it can save you a lot of time and frustration later.

PLEASE do not use Satellite Navigation alone without checking maps, and follow the directions in the write-up, these will guide you to the vicinity and when you are close to the site look out for DSD signs which will guide you to and into the site.

Please do not arrive any earlier than the time stated in the write up, there is always a good reason for the opening time stated by the organisers.


On arrival you will find the organisers situated just inside the entrance to the site, stop and introduce yourself and the organiser will show you to your pitch where you will be requested to park with the front offside corner of your caravan on the marker and to park your car on the offside of your caravan. You will be shown where the fresh water tap and the chemical disposal points are.

Once sited, please book in as soon as possible and pay the fees, you may be handed an envelope containing the programme for the weekend and a list of those attending.


This will be updated shortly.


Please try to consider others around you, we want a friendly and happy atmosphere on site, so please try and be a little more understanding to those not as perfect as we all like to think we are at times.

This doesn’t mean we will put up with anyone being a nuisance or ignore complaints, we will take action.

We will try to ensure everyone is sited where they happy, it will not always possible but we will try.

Please observe the speed limit of 5mph, walking pace, no driving between the lines (units), this also applies to bicycles, skateboards and anything else that will endanger others.

Ball games, kite flying and model plane flying is not allowed near to the units, we will where possible set up a dedicated area for ball games.


Visitors are welcome but don’t forget to include them in your numbers when booking for catering purposes.

Let the organisers know if you are expecting guests and most importantly, make your visitors aware of the need to introduce themselves to the organisers on arrival, it’s not only courteous, it is needed to keep the site safe for all, adults, children, pets and property.

Please also make your visitors aware of the 5mph, walking pace on site rule.

Making your guests aware of the above will save any embarrassment to all concerned.